Graphite pencil and mixed media on canvas 185 cm x 105 cm.


Fourth in a series of paintings that were created over a year period, focussing on one photo shoot that took place in Scotland with some crazy people. This image was reworked over and over again until strange images appeared and characters formed. To date I hold this period of time as the most fun in my creative career. Every piece made me smile and they were exhibited around the country in various exhibitions. Most notably with the Red Propeller Gallery in London and Devon, then with the Steal From Work crew in Bristol.


Always thought this one would be a good album cover. Still waiting for the call!


Exhibited at the following:

Solo Show ‘Total Khanage’, Mivart Studios, Bristol, UK.

‘Steal From Work’, Pop Up Gallery, Bristol, UK.

‘Graffle’, SFW crew, Paintworks, Bristol.

‘Graffle’, SFW crew, The Village Underground, London, UK.

‘Sub-urbia’, Red Propeller Gallery, Devon, UK.

‘Fuckin Friezing’, Vyner Street Gallery, London, UK.

‘Living Room’, Knifesmith Gallery, Bristol, UK.

The Wave - Beetle - by Kristine Khan