Pukka Herb Surfboard

Graphite pencil, spray paint and acrylic paint on a 214 cm x 54 cm recycled surfboard.


Celebrating their partnership with Surfing England, Pukka Herbs asked me to design them a branded surfboard to travel around the UK as they showcased their products at various National Surf Competitions.


The main design and colour was based on the Turmeric Active tea which ingredients have properties that help athletes recover and rest their bodies after exercise.


The design also showcases Pukka’s relationship with Fairwild, a Company with a vision of a fair and sustainable future for wild plant resources and people. They have a program in the Western Ghats in India to help conserve the Bibitaki Tree and have created a market for the Bibitaki fruit, which therefore preserves the tree and saves it from the loggers. This fruit is then used in the Pukka teas and eaten by the Great Pied Hornbill that predominately nests in the tree.


Both decks of the surfboard were spray painted, hand-painted with acrylic paints, drawn on with graphite pencil and then finally finished with cloth and resin (By the late Joshua Dimery @ Phrenix Surfboards). All of the floras around the outside of the front deck are ingredients from the Turmeric Active tea. The pencil images inside the white areas of the bird are all creatures and food that are either eaten by the Great Pied Hornbill or are found living with them in the Bibitaki tree.

'Pukka Herb Surfboard' front detail by Kristine Khan

'Pukka Herb Surfboard' back detail by Kristine Khan

'Pukka Herb Surfboard' pencil detail by Kristine Khan

'Pukka Herb Surfboard' on tour at Fistral Beach by Kristine Khan

'Pukka Herb Surfboard' front close up with Kristine Khan

'Pukka Herb Surfboard' at the Surfing England Comp on Fistral Beach, Cornwall. Large surfboard by Kristine Khan (mini board painted by her daughter Amber). 

'Pukka Herb Surfboard' painting detail in Kristine Khan's studio